Official Release | January 12, 2019


COATY proudly represents the Delaware Blue Coats as the team’s mascot, community ambassador and noble steed.

This high-energy horse is dressed to compete in his authentic Blue Coats basketball uniform. Coaty’s custom kicks comfortably fit his springy hooves. His shiny blue coat and thick navy mane compliment the unique white Delaware-shaped birthmark on his nose. Incredibly, this speedy equestrian’s athletic prowess isn’t only showcased on the ground, but also in the air. Sixers mascot Franklin taught Coaty how to dunk when he was a colt, giving new meaning to the term, “horse fly.”

Coaty’s mission is to use the power of basketball to help Delaware’s youth achieve success in the classroom, on the court, and in their neighborhoods.




MOVIES: Seabiscuit and Space Jam

SONGS: “Our Delaware” and “Here Come the Sixers”

BEST FRIEND: Franklin the Dog

HANGOUTS: 76ers Fieldhouse and Delaware Children’s Museum