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By Matt Murphy | October 9, 2020

Over parts of the past three NBA G League seasons, Jared Brownridge has played nearly 100 games with the Delaware Blue Coats. He has made a G League-most 325 3-pointers over the last two seasons, and recently launched his own talk show, “JB & Co.,” where he has interviewed the likes of Steve Nash, Brandi Chastain, and the 76ers’ very own Shake Milton. On this episode of Coat Check, Brownridge catches up with Blue Coats broadcaster Matt Murphy and Blue Coats Coats Ambassador of Basketball Joe Richmond.

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Q: What were you most proud of this past Blue Coats season?

A: I was proud of the chemistry that we all had together. Towards the beginning, going towards the middle of the season, we went on a run. A huge winning streak. I think that kept our confidence throughout the whole season. And then towards the end of the season, we were starting to go on another run, so that’s obviously why I was sad and disappointed with the fact that the season ended because I really thought we were going to make a push for the playoffs. All the guys liked each other. All the guys meshed well with the coaching staff. So that’s what I’m most proud [of], when you can get a group of guys that trust each other, that like each other, that know what each other do on and off the court, I think that’s how you build a great team. I truly enjoyed it, and now it’s just great to see all of my teammates who are getting these contracts to go play overseas, if they so choose. I’ll always be rooting for those guys.

Q: Who are some of the best players that you’ve played with, or against, at any level?

A: My [AAU] team was called the Illinois Wolves and we had a really solid team. The way I think of my AAU team is kind of like the underdogs of basketball in Chicago. We were all talented, we were all skilled, and we ultimately ended up being either the first or second-best team in the state. But we were all a bunch of low-key guys and what I like to call underdogs. But then you had your superstars — you had your Jabari Parkers, you had your Jahlil Okafors. We played against a lot of them. Kendrick Nunn, who was on the [NBA] All-Rookie Team with Miami [this season]. We played against those guys. So, that’s kind of my class, the class of 2013 and who I came up with. It was great to go against those guys.

And of course, before that, you had guys to watch like Derrick Rose, Evan Turner [and] Patrick Beverley. You had all those guys to look [up to]. I think that’s what truly created that rich Chicago history. Patrick Beverley, actually, it’s funny — he actually went to my middle school and he went to my high school for two years before transferring. So I had learned a lot about Patrick in the beginning of my career, just who he was. So now, to see him in the NBA is crazy, to see how far he’s come. Because it gives a guy like me hope. It’s like ‘Ok, I come from the same place. I work hard.’ It’s like, I see a path for me trying to make it. Just to see that inspiration and get that motivation from all the guys you’ve played with and all the guys that have come before you is great. That’s the great thing about Chicago.

Q: Why did you decide to start ‘JB & Co.‘?

A: ‘JB & Co.’ started because I was a communications major at Santa Clara University, so I’ve always had a passion for broadcasting. I had my own show to start off at Santa Clara called ‘Long Walks with Jared,’ in which I would walk with teammates of mine, the commissioner of my conference, the president of my school. I had the opportunity to start that while I was in college. And that was kind of like the beginning phase, but then obviously basketball got hectic and I got busy as I left college, so I kind of got away from it. But, due to COVID-19, I knew that I wanted to capitalize on this time in some type of fashion.

So as soon as we had to pack our bags and leave Delaware, I kind of started plotting and figuring out what [was] going to be next during this timespan. That’s when I came up with the idea for the show — and a new show, at that — called ‘JB & Co.,’ in which I interview distinguished individuals about their success journeys [and] talk about the lessons they’ve learned along the way. And I hope it was a way for people who are listening — for my audience — to take things from those episodes. To take gems from those episodes and apply them to their own life. During that time, I also wanted to shed light on things happening in America, such as police brutality and systemic inequality. It’s something that’s a problem in our country. Me as a Black man, I want to be able to use my platform in some type of way to shed light on that. You were able to hear a lot from my guests, both white and black, who joined the show. But that’s ‘JB & Co.,’ basically, and I hope to keep it going. And I’m glad that I’ve gotten great feedback so far.

Q: What is your mentality as far as your next level for basketball in your career?

A: My mentality stays the same. I know with COVID-19, it caused uncertainty for a lot of people. Even for us basketball players in choosing where we’re going to play and things of that nature. But my mentality stays the same, which is to continue to work hard, continue to find something new on my game to work on. So, that way, I’m always improving every single year. I’ve been in the gym nonstop, continuing to work and prepare for whatever my next opportunity is. And I just want to continue to see myself move forward.

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