Q&A with Terry Harris | Coat Check Podcast

By Matt Murphy | May 14, 2020

Blue Coats rookie Terry Harris recently joined the Coat Check podcast and discussed growing up in a basketball family, the player development system in Delaware, his TikTok career and more. Below are a few excerpts in our Q&A format, which will be published one week prior to each new episode, with a special preview featuring the upcoming guest at the very end.

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Q: Obviously, your family is a big family filled with athletes. What was that dynamic like growing up?

A: Definitely competitive. It was just a great environment. Everyone was playing — my sisters, my older brothers. My dad was coaching us. It was just eat, sleep, play basketball. Everyone was able to help each other out, learn from each other and compete against each other. It was definitely amazing to grow up in that type of environment.

Q: What stood out about the player development process with the Blue Coats?

A: They’re really hands-on. I think [Assistant] Coach [Xavier] Silas — more than just teaching me and telling me something, he would get on the court and play with me. And give me real game-like experience. Some games if I wasn’t going to play too much, or if I didn’t play too much, he’d make sure that I was playing one-on-ones with him or playing one-on-ones with other players just to get that game-feel every day. He definitely pushed me, pushed me hard every day. Teaching me different things and getting the mental aspect of my game together as well. It was definitely great coming into this environment and having that.

Q: Where is your TikTok career at right now?

A: I enjoy TikTok a lot. It’s really addictive. As soon as you get on the app, you’re over there just scrolling and watching videos. But, I’ve had a couple videos that [have had] quite a little bit of success. I try to do the trends, the fun stuff.

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