Q&A with Dakota Mathias | Coat Check Podcast

By Matt Murphy | January 6, 2021

76ers two-way contract player Dakota Mathias chats with Blue Coats broadcaster Matt Murphy on this edition of Coat Check. Mathias discusses the half-court gym connected to his childhood home in Ohio, his college career at Purdue, the role the NBA G League has played in his career so far, and more. Below are a couple of excerpts in our Q&A format.

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Q: What’s the story about a gym being added to your home growing up?

A: I have two older brothers and we all love basketball, so my parents decided to build us a little half-court gym connected to our house. So ever since I can remember, I was out there running around playing. As I got older, I think the big benefit for me was playing against my brothers. They would have friends come over, so I was always playing against older, stronger, quicker players and that helped me so much. I can’t thank my parents enough for building that at such a young age and spending countless hours out there working on my craft.

Q: What excited you about joining the 76ers organization?

A: Just the chemistry, the culture and the history around this place. I mean, you walk in [to the 76ers Training Complex] and you’re seeing so many statues of legends out here. You’re seeing the championship banners. Surrounded by All-Stars and Hall of Fame coaches. So, just the history and all of the intelligence of basketball throughout the last couple years and decades here. It’s great to be a part of.

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