Winning Basketball Spurs Momentum for 21-22

By Darrion Romulus | April 16, 2021

By Darrion Romulus | Blue Coats Broadcast Academy powered by Rowan Radio

A seven-game winning streak. The first playoff berth in franchise history. A win against the No. 1 seed Raptors 905 in the postseason. First franchise appearance in the NBA G League Finals.

 These are just some of the accomplishments that the Blue Coats achieved this season. And even though it didn’t end the way the team wanted, two veteran front office employees say the resulting momentum will be felt for some time. Team President Larry Meli and Sr. Director of Marketing Alex Yoh have been with the Blue Coats since the franchise’s early beginnings.

“One of the important takeaways from this season is that on-court success does, indeed, translate in our league,” Meli said. “We are an entertainment business and we continue to prioritize the fan experience first, but winning games is always a good thing. We feel the excitement stemming from the bubble success will carry into the anticipation for next season, for sure.”

 “It was a unique season with an equally unique set of challenges,” Yoh said. “Above all, we are so thankful the Blue Coats and the G League itself got a chance to play. Credit to the league and all the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a safe and playable season. Having Blue Coats basketball back, a team to support and root for, and excitement to follow was so important for our fan base and staff alike.”

From Paul Reed’s MVP caliber season to Braxton Key’s coming out party, there were a lot of bright spots for this team. 

“In the G League, basketball success is measured in many ways,” Yoh explained. “Wins and losses matter, but player development is the first priority. The great thing about this season was to see both types success come together. Our players developed individually and did so while winning games. That is a great recipe.”

Fortunately, all signs point to the Blue Coats returning to the newly named Chase Fieldhouse for the 2021-2022 season, something Meli is excited about. The 2,300-seat venue is among the newest in the G League and was designed to pack-in a loud and energetic atmosphere.

“We haven’t played there since March of 2020 so it’s going to be almost 18 months since we had a game there,” Meli said. “So for me, the thing I look forward to the most is just getting back and having the team play in the Fieldhouse in front of our amazing fans and partners.”

Both staffers agreed that the good vibes the Coats have felt publicly of late benefit all areas of the program, including community engagement, marketing and future ticket sales, and business development and sponsorship.

For the Blue Coats, the only thing better than this year’s finals appearance would be clinching another one in 2022. This time, hopefully, in front of a sold-out Delaware crowd.